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Our Manager

The Home Manager, is supported by a multi-disciplinary team of nurses, carers, domestic and catering staff, who receive regular in-house training from our Training Manager.

“We’re really proud to offer some of the best care and facilities in Kent for people experiencing the challenges that come with advanced dementia. But we also offer very high quality care to people needing more general nursing care. Whatever our residents needs’, at Mayflower, they come first. It’s their home, and our job is to enable them to live their life as they wish to, whilst ensuring that they are safe, and well cared for.

That means ensuring that we look after their clinical needs, but also delivering person-centred care to everyone. Often, that includes offering a level of care to their relatives, too. Our relationships with family members is vital, as that may be the only way we can learn about a resident’s life history, likes and dislikes.

We know how much our residents’ families appreciate what we do here for their loved one, and the compassionate care we deliver, because many of them also become part of life here at Mayflower, and they tell us what a difference we have made. That’s what it’s all about, really.”

Nicola Bundock

Home Manager

Whatever our residents needs’, at Mayflower, they come first.

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